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NEW YORK - Menswear Fashion Designer, Joseph Abboud debuted his Fall 2019 collection in a runway show on Monday February 4th at 6PM during New York Fashion Week. The collection celebrates themes of inclusivity, discovery, and Americana.

“Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free.”

During the peak of immigration through Ellis Island at the turn of the 20th century, this phrase, etched onto the Statue of Liberty, welcomed weary travelers after their difficult journeys toward a better life. Written by Emma Lazarus, these words represent the very soul of our country—the American Dream—and they serve as the foundation for the Joseph Abboud Fall 2019 collection.

For over 30 years, the Joseph Abboud brand has stood for inclusionary masculinity, producing American-made clothing for all men. As such, this season, we aim to celebrate the melting pot that is America and those courageous enough to search out a new beginning.

An homage to those early immigrants, the Fall 2019 collection recalls the clothes they wore as they pursued their destiny. Each garment has a story to tell, with washed fabrics, raw edges, and surprising combinations of texture and pattern reflecting homespun wares from around the world. The men who travelled here to forge a new nation were at once modest, proud, and filled with character. So too were their clothes, perhaps handed down from a father or grandfather. Mismatched buttons, sheared shoulders, and patches crafted from remnants of antique Kilim rugs nod to the care with which one might mend his treasured wardrobe, carried from one life to the next.

With a vintage palette and lived-in essence, the Fall collection features noble fabrics like washed tweeds, vintage velvets, and time worn flannels that inspire a workman-like tone. Trousers are full to allow for movement; capes wrap around the body like blankets; purposeful bellows pockets run throughout; and layering, a brand signature, is unstudied and eclectic. Each piece is as individual as the person who wears it. The utilitarian theme carries over to the accessories. Leather bags and duffels are made with functionality in mind; distressed fedoras and caps, designed in collaboration with Albertus Swaenpoel, have a time-worn quality. Eveningwear, too, remains humble, imbued with an heirloom feel and hard-earned confidence.

Leather footwear, the product of our ongoing collaboration with American heritage shoemaker Allen Edmonds, is inspired by sturdy work boots. Allen Edmonds, like Joseph Abboud, encapsulates the American spirit with their time tested lasts and designs. Goodyear welted and handcrafted in Port Washington, Wisconsin, their footwear combines a reliability and quality that men recognize and trust.

Set in the spirit of Ellis Island at Pier 16—part of the South Street Seaport Museum—this show honors who we were and who we are. As the grandson of Lebanese immigrants, it gives me great pride to celebrate America’s rich tapestry and diverse heritage the best way I know how: By making timeless, authentic, and quality clothes for all Americans.

Designer Joseph Abboud


Fall/Winter 2019 collection.

"A special bond"

The story of Bubbles and Bella, the tale of a bond created between an elephant called Bubbles and a dog called Bella, resonated strongly with Wan.

The symbolism of Bubble and Bella translates into the importance of nurturing the unaffected soul; protecting the child within to avoid growing a hard protective shell.

Through volumes, velvety textures and rich colors Wan creates protective layers of softness nurturing a childlike mind.


Styling Michael Philouze Casting The Establishment Inc. Hair Jon Reyman for Aveda Make-up Janell Geason for Aveda Music Sisi Lu Video Alexis Devillers

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2/6/19 Slate | ‪54 W 21st Street, New York, NY‬

Season after season Grungy Gentleman has featured some of the biggest names in sports and music, and staying true to tradition, this season rap icon Styles P opened the show, followed by rapper Dave East, former NY Giants QB and Dailymail TV host Jesse Palmer, and professional boxer Rickey Edwards, each making their runway debuts, with R&B artist Brett Gray, wrapping the show in his debut live performance of his unreleased single ‘Anxiety’.

The show featured Grungy Gentleman’s signature collection, along with eight collaborative collections including hats with New Era and NBA, footwear with Pony, slides with Giza, bikes with Schwinn, bags with Footaction, apparel with Renzo Cardoni, Pendleton, and Clinton Hall.

“Our Grungy Gentleman collection this season is a lot more polished than season’s past. We injected a punch of color with the peach tracksuit, and we incorporated a lot of red accents throughout. We’re a brand that likes to make the public feel like they can wear it and feel confident in it, and we had a great response at the show, so I’m very appreciative for that,” said Jace Lipstein, designer.

“We’re coming way harder than the first time, and the first time we came incredibly hard, but we’re coming way, way harder this time. I think it’s classier, and I think it’s grungier. It’s even more so built for the grungy gentleman,” said Styles P.

“It’s fire, this is something I would have wore on the regular anyway and we got the old-school, Harlem Pony drip. I feel like superman... if he was from the projects,” said Dave East..

“Dave East and Styles P embody everything the Grungy brand wanted this show to be about-- an ode to New York City-- the grit, the grind, the inimitable style and presence of those who came up here, and the power of collaboration across different generations and categories,” said Ali Moon, talent booker for the show.

"I never would have imagined that my first live performance would be at New York Fashion Week-- and that I'd be getting advice from Dave East before going on stage. Definitely an experience I'll never forget," said Brett Gray, R&B artist and Netflix' On My Block actor.

The show was hosted at Slate NY with complimentary cocktails provided by Gentleman Jack, gift bags by Nivea Men and Thickhead.


Fall/Winter 2019

Former Graphic Designer turn fashion design creator Kee Kim shows his Keenkee's Fall 2019 collection during Men’s Fashion Week NY 2019 at Pier 59 Studios.

Born and raised in Seoul, Kim moved to the U.S. after studying graphic design to pursue a master's degree at Yale University. In 2015, he was hired by creative director Richard Turley to work at MTV and, following that, he spent two years at the design consultancy 2x4, whose client list includes Barneys New York, Nike, Sies Marjan, Tom Ford and Prada. (Kim worked closely with the latter. You may have seen his wallpaper designs at its Soho flagship store.)

Based in NY, the talented designer prefer to approach fashion using his graphic design background rather than cutting and sewing, suggesting that he uses teams who are better suited at that part of the process.

From Keenkee's Fall 2019 collection, there's a raw denim jumpsuit cut into a shirt, just below the belt loops, that can be styled with a pair of matching jeans, resulting in a weird-in-a-cool-way layered look. Shirting boasts body panels that double as pockets; super-soft button-downs are emblazoned with floral or fire motifs; a suit features high-contrasting fabric along the cuffs and hems; and a hoodie has not one, but two, drawstring hoods attached. The pieces' muted color palette is a far cry from Kim's neon-tinted debut Spring 2019 collection, which is already available at fashion-forward retailers like Opening Ceremony and Ssense. Presentation



59 Chelsea Piers, 2nd Floor

New York, NY 10011


FW19 Runway

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Born and raised in Annapolis, Maryland; David Hart began designing clothing at a young age. At seventeen, he received the Fashion Group International Scholarship Award and moved to New York City to study at the Fashion Institute of Technology. In 2004, he received his BFA in fashion design, with a specialization in evening wear and tailoring.

Over the next seven years, while designing for Anna Sui, Tommy Hilfiger, and Ralph Lauren, Hart refined his skills. He honed his eye for sartorial craftsmanship, explored his interest in the history of American sportswear, and continued to cultivate his own distinct aesthetic.

In 2009, Hart launched his independent neckwear line, David Hart & Co., a collection of luxury ties, bow ties, and pocket scarves. Expanding his focus over the following years, he debuted his first full ready-to-wear collection of menswear in 2013 under the label David Hart.

Hart prides himself on creating confident yet approachable clothing for the modern gentleman. With every collection, Hart consistently lends a modern eye with a nostalgic twist. Each piece is infused with history and classic details that come to life in a fresh way.

Dedicated to supporting New York City’s disappearing Garment District and other small family-run textile mills, Hart produces all of his clothing and fabrics in the United States, Italy, Ireland, and the United Kingdom.


Images -Sir Jones

Marcus Blassingame

Location: Punto Space NYC

Since the age of twelve, Clavon Leonard dreamed of seeing people walk down the runway in his clothing. It was at an early age that this fashionable craftsman learned of the importance of appearance from his father, and how being well dressed was an outward expression one’s self confidence. It was that confidence that Clavon found like so many in well tailored suits. However attending an all uniform school created an interest in him to express his individuality and share it with his clients within his designs through unique fabric textures, patterns, prints and color combinations.

From his first NYFW show with the Set NY in 2014, doors began to open. In 2015, he showcased at Mercedes Benz New Zealand, Fashion Gallery NYFW, Fashion Week Los Angeles, to his stand alone show for NYFW in 2017. His designs have been featured in publications such as British Vogue, Tatler, and British GQ. He has dressed and styled Carla Hall of ABC’s “The Chew”, pop music’s Frankie Zulferino, and NFL star ‪Jonathan Casillas‬. In three years, business has surpassed what Clavon imagined he appreciates his entire team who have dedicated themselves to push this brand. At age 50, the bespoke artists added a women’s line to his collection to further expand on his creative dream. With flowing feminine lines and bold prints, his approach to women’s dresses and suits are definitely a compliment to his men’s wear which boasts an array of variety and diversity from his previous collections. For Men’s Fashion Week 2019, Clavon gave the infamous Punto Space one of its most memorable shows.

Clavons Wear 2019