FW 2023

By Marcus Blassingame

The elements of sportswear can seen in many Thom Browne’s designs and it makes sense with him being a former school track and field athlete. He studied economics and was born and raised in Pennsylvania, the same as Super Model Debra Shaw who opened his Fashion Week 2023 runway show in an astronaut inspired ensemble. Like Debra, Thom has made a significant stamp in fashion legacy throughout his legendary accomplishments in his career. On his journey Thom was on Ralph Lauren’s creative team, designed for Brooks Brothers and Moncler, wardrobed Michele Obama and designed a scarf as a part of Joe Biden’s “Believe In Better” fashion campaign which was manufactured in unionized factories with his entire collection. In 2018 Zegna purchased the brand for 500 million dollars while Thom still holds 15% ownership.

No expense was spared in this presentation as the set included a crashed plane, light sand and a hands of time design signifying the various periods in culture and fashion seen in this season’s collection. The show continued with Asian inspired style dresses and the oversized curled finger nails that date back to China’s Hanfeizi, a Qin Dynasty. Though peaceful, the tone reminds one of aviation during classic wartimes but with a vibe of Feng Shui.

True to his signature creativity, Thom wasted no time in imagining, reimagining the classic tailored suit with oversized, exaggerated, reconstructed and modern silhouettes. This collection will ultimately inspire our future ideas in fashion. Red carpet’s be prepared.